H U M A N - M A C H I N E - Festival of the Impossible, 2019

This is a journey into the intimacy of Human-Machine, A concept which involves interaction through augmented experiences as well as enhanced human senses and deeper personal connections. Visitors experience immersive art installations that evoke wonder and challenge our thinking about what could be possible as we move into the future. Leave it to the forward thinking artists along with their amazing tools to keep us dreaming of what may come! This is the second installment of the Festival of the Impossible.

Video: Overview of the San Francisco exhibition at Chandran Gallery Sept. 26-29th, 2019

We are thrilled about the success of our 3 day Festival of Impossible exhibition that took place here in San Francisco and very proud of all the artists involved. This exhibition will tour around the world for the next two years and all commissioned works are ready to travel. We are open to displaying the entire exhibition of artworks as well as exploring the possibility of select works.  Please inquire with the curator if you would like to learn more. 

Selected Artists Include:


Ani’s project is set in a speculative future where technologies to incubate life in artificial wombs through ectogenesis have been established. Originally developed as a feminist technology to free women from the labor of reproduction and to equalize gender productivity in the workforce, this new technology allows individuals and families to incubate babies without the inconveniences of pregnancy. ani-liu.com instagram.com/ani.liu.studio/hl=en twitter.com/wonderinganimal

TED TALK: Smelfies and Other experiments in synthetic biology


Lucy’s research explores the effects technology has on our body, behavior, and the way we love. Each artwork proposes a scenario or antidote that examines who we are and where we are headed. We could surmise we live in an era bound by fear, manipulated by science and isolated by technology. Lucy’s artwork for the festival explores and responds to the concept of a touch-crisis world that has triggered a lonely disconnection with ourselves. Compression Carpet video

https://www.lucymcrae.net instagram.com/lucymcrae

TED Talks: How can technology transform the human body? & Are humans ready for life 2000 years from now?


Neil uses his artwork to connect the real world to the digital world. His exhibition piece for FOI comments on how humans often treat the natural world with little significance in the larger context of our industrialized society. He is creating a series of digital and kinetic art works that puts viewers in the driving seat, allowing them to interact with virtual creatures using the machines he has created.. Disruptive Devices video

neilmendoza.com instagram.com/neilmendoza vimeo.com/neilmendoza


Camila has created OSMA which is an interactive sculpture that explores internet identity and the psychological dependence of a social network. This artificial intelligence behaves like any other modern social being with a motive to be accepted and “liked”. Camila is exploring our overriding dependence on social media. OSMA video camilamagrane.com instagram.com/camilamagrane


Do machines understand humans as works of art? Gabe’s new work questions how we look at art…and how art looks at us. Today we often experience art and museums through the lens of a smartphone, so how does this change the way we look at and perceive a work of art? Maybe one day art will analyze, study and appreciate us in the same way we snap a photo of the Mona Lisa. Collectors video https://www.gabebc.com/ instagram.com/gabebc

TED Talks: Capturing memories in video art & My DNA vending machine


This immersive installation is a face-to-face experience with a IV generation android, in augmented reality. What would you ask her? You will have a chance to speak to her directly at the festival. This work is created at time when so many people feel the need to connect and be heard.

Ractive video



September 26th - September 29th, 2019 - Chandran Gallery 459 Geary Street, San Francisco 94102


With close proximity to Union Square and Downtown, Chandran Gallery is a 4800 square foot, spacious, unique and newly renovated contemporary art gallery in an historical building in the heart of San Francisco. Enter on Geary Street to our expansive mezzanine floor that leads you to our elegant staircase and 20ft ceiling bottom floor gallery space. The bottom floor gallery space feature natural light that comes through our large skylight. The bottom floor gallery space also features large glass doors and windows that lead to our outdoor patio space


Stefano Corazza - Creative Director & Founder

Joyce Grimm - Chief Curator

Sienna Ko & Vincent Delorenzi - Production Team

The event is sponsored by Adobe Systems