H U M A N - M A C H I N E - Festival of the Impossible, 2019

This is a journey into the intimacy of Human-Machine, A concept which involves interaction through augmented experiences as well as enhanced human senses and deeper personal connections. Visitors will be able to experience immersive art installations that evoke wonder and challenge our thinking about what could be possible as we move into the future. Leave it to the forward thinking artists along with their amazing tools to keep us dreaming of what may come! This is the second installment of the Festival of the Impossible, premiering again this year in San Francisco on September 26-29th, 2019!

Selected Artists Include:

Camila Magrane - Camila has created a project called Osma which explores our overriding dependence on social media.

Gabe Barcia-Colombo - Gabe is creating  a work for the Festival of the Impossible this year that explores our relationship with artwork in the future- as they now are watching us and deciding what is worthy and of interest.

Neil Mendoza - Neil is creating a series of machines that combine virtual, physical and mechanical elements. This work explores human interactions with the natural world through a surreal lens.

Ani Liu - Ani is exploring technologies that seek to liberate women from reproductive work, both real and speculated.

Stefano Corazza with Tyler Bryant - The installation is a face-to-face experience with a IV generation android, in augmented reality. What would you ask her?


September 26th - September 29th, 2019 - Chandran Gallery

Thursday, Sept. 26th | PRESS

Friday, Sep 27th | 2:00pm - 8pm

Saturday, Sept. 28th | 1pm - 7pm

Sunday, Sept. 29 | 1pm - 7pm


With close proximity to Union Square and Downtown, Chandran Gallery is a 4800 square foot, spacious, unique and newly renovated contemporary art gallery in an historical building in the heart of San Francisco. Enter on Geary Street to our expansive mezzanine floor that leads you to our elegant staircase and 20ft ceiling bottom floor gallery space. The bottom floor gallery space feature natural light that comes through our large skylight. The bottom floor gallery space also features large glass doors and windows that lead to our outdoor patio space



Stefano Corazza - Creative Director & Founder

Joyce Grimm - Exhibition Curator and Project Lead

The event is sponsored by Adobe Systems